The Corresponding Blog Post

What’s up, internetizens? I have a story today but not here. It’s actually on another blog. I’ll get to linking and such in a minute. First, some background.

I started writing this story a couple of months ago for a contest. Every once in awhile, I get this idea that I might enter a writing contest, but then I don’t. Sometimes it’s because I think whoever is running the contest is just going to pick their friends anyway, and other times, I just see something shiny and run off in another direction.

This round, my story idea was too much for the word count limit. I could’ve crammed the story into that box, but the process wouldn’t have been much fun. And if I’m not having fun, the writing is probably worse than it might’ve otherwise been. So the story hung out in my digital folder until I decided to pick it back up a couple of weeks ago.

I ended up trashing the original file and starting over.

Now, quick background on the other blog. I’m starting a publisher, my very own little venture. The first release is going to be one of my books, because if anyone should be the guinea pig, it should be me. I do plan to publish other authors, and submissions are currently open.

I’ve gone back and forth on the publishing thing for years. I’ve ended up talking myself out of it every time. I talk myself out of a lot of things, a habit I’m working to break.

It isn’t all that crazy of an idea, anyway. I have years of publishing experience with my own work, a business degree, a computer degree, a social media marketing certification. I’m not just some schmuck wandering in aimlessly off the street, and when I think about what I really want to do with my time on this big, bluish orb, books (reading and writing) are always at the front of my mind.

So, that’s what I’m up to. I plan to do it as well as I can.

The story is called Only the Moon and you can read it on the NightLark Publishing blog if you so desire. Click here for the jump.

And because what is a blog post without a picture, here’s Bleu on a newspaper.



New Chair, Older Me

As I write this, I’m sitting in a brand-spankin-new recliner. I haven’t had a new chair in over a decade, so I am super stoked about it. This one is smaller, which feels strange. I guess I’ll get used to it. I’m also not sure there’s enough room for grouchy, old Ms. Sneaker to sit on the back like she did on the other one. I may no longer have a cat over my head on a regular basis. I don’t know how I feel about that. But I am happy with the chair, nonetheless.

I’m shooting to have the last AnnaBeth book done and out by Halloween, that and print editions for all three books. I’m currently in my last read-through right now, and then I’ll hand it off to my last line of typo defense, actually second to last, because I also have my super-powered spellcheck.

I’ve been monkeying around a little with the first two books, cleaning them up a bit as I read through the last one. Seeing the difference in the quality of writing is crazy. I cringe when I read certain parts of the first two books, because my whole approach to story and language has changed dramatically. I see a lot of fear in the older writing, especially the first book. I was timid, and it shows. The main character started out timid, so maybe that’s okay. We’ve kind of grown together, I guess.

Anyway, if I were forced to choose one book in the trilogy to recommend, it would be the last one. Good stuff.



Random Things Lumped Together in One Blog Post

Guess what comes out tomorrow. Guess! Destiny Rise of Iron. I’ve had it preordered for a while now, so I am really, really excited to finally get to play it. There will be no evening walk or other physical activity tomorrow. If I do make dinner, it will probably be peanut butter sandwiches, because my fat butt is going to be plopped in front of the television, zoned in on a video game like the grownup child I am. YES!!!

In other news, Bleu, the new kitten, is a giant jerkface. He’s a wonderful, sweet, crazy cat child, who bolts from one end of the house to the other. He climbs the furniture and leaps from one piece to the next like it’s all his personal cat playground.


I really forgot what having a kitten is like. I got so used to older cats, who know manners and commands, that I took all that for granted. This week, we’re working on not scratching faces because scratching faces is bad and also not sniffing visitors’ crotches. I thought that was just a dog thing. Apparently not.

We’re also working on NOT BITING CORDS. He has officially broken one mouse and the cord on a really nice pair of headphones. Luckily, the headphone cord is replaceable.


Sorry for the blurry picture. He’s hard to catch.

I do love him, though. He is SO sweet when he isn’t running amok.

Rapid subject change. I forgot to mention the other day that I put a copy of Love and the Dark in a Little Free Library. Here’s a pic.


Again, sorry for the crappiness of the picture. I was not on my photography game.

If you don’t know what the Little Free Library is, it’s a network of outside book boxes and people put books in and they borrow them and, hopefully, bring them back when they’re done. I plan to leave more books in other boxes, but it’s just this one for the moment.

I also got this really cool book at the library (the regular library) called A Burglar’s Guide to the City by Geoff Manaugh. It’s pretty interesting. The parts that I’ve read so far have been about burglars in history. Reading it has made me decide that one of my future book characters is going to be a thief. She was going to be a journalist, but a thief posing as a journalist is way more interesting, I think.


That’s all the randomness I have for you today. There will likely be more in the future but not tomorrow, because tomorrow is Destiny day.

Aaannd Bleu just jumped on and then knocked over the kitchen trashcan.






The First

Hey, guys! Sorry if this post turns out weird. I am very, very tired due to a lack of sleep, but I wanted to get this thing up because I’m really excited.

I attended my first author event/author fair/book signing. It was all of those things for me because I’ve never done any of those things.

It was at the Fayette County Library in Connersville, Indiana. Here are a few pics.




I shared my table with Dee Armstrong Crabtree, mommy dearest and author of Uncle Imblay’s Fortune. That’s her book on the right.


I sold one book, met some super nice people, including the library personnel. AND guess what, they added a copy of Love and the Dark to their collection! Squeeeee!


Getting my book on a library shelf has been a goal of mine for years. Libraries have meant a lot to me since I was a kid. The librarian lady probably thought I was the biggest dork ever because I was so excited.

AND they gave me this mug! Little do they know that in my mind, this is not actually just a mug. It’s more like a trophy because this whole day was huge for me. The mug is going on my bookshelf.


If any of the ladies of the Fayette County Library are reading this – thank you again. I hope you enjoy the book!





Show on the Road

Autumn must officially be upon us. I was sitting in my car and a dead leaf blew in and smacked me directly in the face. Thank you, Fall. Nice to see you again.

I can’t seem to get the word party started lately. I keep trying to write but I pull up the word document, and I get all like ugh, no! And then I find something else to work on.

I could try and force the words, but when I do that, I get impatient. An impatient writer usually isn’t a good writer.

I probably shouldn’t be writing at the moment anyway. I have a hundred other things going on. One of those things is an author fair I plan to attend next weekend. It’s my first one. 

I’ll post pictures once I have them. Below is the info if you’d like to come and see me sit shyly at a table, trying to sell copies of Love and the Dark. I will have some books with small font and off-center text on the binding. Only ten of those will ever exist because I’m already in the process of fixing it. Limited edition!





A Broken Car, a Flooded Basement, a Dead Tree Book, and a New Kitty, But Not in that Order

The last few days have been crazy and weird, good but not all good. Over the weekend, we adopted a new kitten, had a car break down, and our basement flooded. The flood and the car weren’t too bad. The car issue was quickly resolved. The basement flood was not. We still have some very wet carpet.

And it’s still raining, so my whole life feels a little waterlogged at the moment. Drive to work in the rain, listen to the rain all day, drive home in the rain, worry about wet basement when I get home. Rain, rain, rain. I think I need an ark.

The new baby is very sweet. We picked him up from the animal shelter in Indy on Friday. They were overcrowded and having a special. We have been thinking about getting a new cat anyway, so this was a good opportunity.

Here he is.

His name is Bleu. He is very, very sweet. As I was trying to pet the cat in the cage diagonal from his, he was reaching through the bars for me.

He is  also very, very energetic. He bolts from one side of the house to the other and climbs furniture and jumps on tables and knocks things off. He’s a curious boy and currently gets into everything. We haven’t had a kitten in over a decade, so having him around has required some adjustments.

Sneaker, our grouchy, old lady cat, is not handling his presence very well. She should be used to having another cat around because she lived with Max for so long. Apparently, she does not have the same patience for a baby. We’ve had a lot of literal hissy fits.

In other news, Love and the Dark is now available in print through CreateSpace. Click here if you would like to see and/or order it.

I’ll have some copies available at an upcoming author fair I plan to attend in September. I’ll post a link for that soon.




Stranger Things, Eleven

Minor spoilers ahead!

Stranger Things is a somewhat new Netflix show that we watched really quickly because it was really good.

One of the most interesting characters is Eleven. This is her.

stranger things eleven

Due to her role as a subject of questionable science experiments, she has psychokinetic abilities she can use to toss people around like rag dolls whenever she feels the need. Also due to growing up in a shady lab, she has poor social skills.

She also has a lot of moments in which she longs to be normal, even though she isn’t entirely sure what that entails. Her mix of naivety and violent tendencies makes her interesting to watch throughout the show, but one scene stood out more than the other.

So, she has a bit of a falling out with her newfound friends and she runs off. With no home and no one supporting her, she has to fend for herself, ie eat. She walks into a grocery store, straight to the Eggo waffles (because #corporatesponsorship). A couple of concerned employees, one of them a manager, asks if she needs help.

She glares at him calls him a “mouthbreather” (a term her friends taught her that refers to ignorant people), and she makes off with 4 boxes of waffles, leaving all sorts of chaos on her wake.

Stranger Things Eleven Mouthbreather.jpg

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it shows how she really feels about regular humans, or at least regular, adult humans. She’s keenly aware of her superiority and willing to use her powers to get what she wants; God help you if you even look like you might get in her way.

Second, this scene shows that Eleven has the potential to become a very bad person in the future. For the most part, she has acted on the side of good, protecting her friends at all costs. However, if she pops up in the next season, I will be interested to see how her character changes.

Patiently awaiting season 2