insofar as to freeze my bum off

soundtrack of the day – Wait For Me, Moby

Golly gosh darn and fiddlesticks, is it just me or is it a little horrifically cold?
[checks temperature]
Nope, it’s ten degrees. That means it’s only bitterly cold. Horrifically cold usually comes in the January-February months. Looking forward to it! NOT!

People of my generation probably remember NOT. You use it thus – first you say something with the utmost sincerity (that you don’t really mean), then, at the end, you shout NOT! to discount everything you just said. Doing so is quite obnoxious, which makes it sort of fun. We trained the children in this practice the other day so expect it to return to the mainstream soon. You’re welcome.

yes, I have the sense of humor of a child.

Off that subject, below is a link to a totally awesome article about indie publishing. I found it really inspiring and validating. The last two sentences are my favorite.

Quote – “With each trend that threatens to rob us of our culture, a counter-trend emerges that fosters it. So begins the heyday of independent publishing.”

YES! [applauds]

Also, I am thinking of changing the name of my blog soon. I grow weary of this self encouragement. I need something funny, maybe even witty. Suggestions? Comments or e-mail if you’re shy.



I saw a picture of Megan Fox in a Star Wars t-shirt and it irked me a little. No, I’m not being a hater. She’s beautiful and can wear whatever the heck she wants to wear.


today she is queen of the posers. Why do I say that? I would venture a guess that she is most likely not a fan of Star Wars. I would say that she probably wouldn’t know a Jawa from the Rancor. She is most likely wearing that shirt for geek cred. That irritates me.

I know I’m being weird. I don’t care.


Ok, so when I was trying to get published the “traditional” way, I queried four agents. I received rejections from two of the four and the other two never answered me. No big deal. Rejection is a BIG part of the business. Before I even started trying to get published, I knew I was going to have a short attention span for that effort. When you have the escape that is self publishing, there is less incentive than ever to fight that good fight.

Today, one of the agents that rejected me posted her statistics for the year in her blog. She said that this year, she received 38,000 queries. 38,000. That baffles the mind. Can you even imagine? Even if that agent worked every single day this year, that would be over 100 queries a day. How do you even begin to handle that work load? I never felt bad about being rejected; I still don’t. But I feel even better about it after reading that.

Of those 38,000 queries, she sold 15 books. That being said, how the hell does anyone get published in the traditional way? An agent would have to wade through thousands of amateur query letters (like mine), probably from many people who have no business writing in the first place, to find your one little letter and actually read it.

I am very happy that she posted these statistics. They just confirmed that I made the right decision in publishing my own book. A person could die of old age waiting for an agent’s approval. I worked four years on my book and I refuse to let it fade into oblivion because I couldn’t get someone to notice me.

artistic endeavors

I am currently undecided on cover art. I keep changing my mind on what I want it to look like. I’ve posted a previous version of part of the cover art below for your viewing enjoyment.

I really liked this graphic, which is why I decided to share it. I can’t just have it cluttering my desktop for no reason. After looking at this graphic for a couple of weeks, I decided that I need more drama. I’m taking some elements of this design and using them on the new cover.

random thoughts for Monday

1. best cappuccino flavoring ever – 2 tablespoons mocha kahlua and 1 tablespoon raspberry flavoring for coffee. tastes like – raspberry cordial.

2. why can’t I spell cappuccino correctly without using spell-check?

3. I am sad about Brittany Murphy. She was my age. To me she always looked a little…overly alert, shall we say? God, love her though. She was cute as a button. I loved her song Faster Kill Pussycat (remake?) that came out a few years ago.

4. I may have to check into gamer rehab due to my Little Big Planet addiction. Sometimes I think about it when I’m not even playing it. argh. I should be spending time on my finishing the book instead. I = child.

5. I need some Arby’s jalapeno bites.

6. Is it too late to add to my Christmas list? I really want some antique looking aviator goggles. Why? hmmm. They would be cool for pictures? I want to be prepared in the likely event that modern technology fails us and we are forced to live a steampunk existence?

that’s all I have for now.

loving friday

soundtrack for a glorious Friday – Horehound, The Dead Weather

I am so ready for Friday this week.

I finished another read through for the book yesterday. They are going much faster and I change less each time. I did decide to read it one more time. How many times have I said that? I need to read through it once with leaving 98% of it alone. I think I can do that now.

It’s going to be weird when I finally let the book go. Working on it is a habit or like a tick, maybe even some weird kind of addiction. I carry it around with me on a daily basis. When I have quiet moments, it’s there. When real life is driving me nuts, I have the book.

I have another book that I finished last Spring that is being neglected. I need to move on to those editing duties if I’m to release that next year as well.