random monday updates

I got my drink for new years. It’s a bottle of Lucid Absinthe that came with a pair of fancy pants absinthe glasses and a spoon. Last year it was Absente ‘refined’ absinthe, which is missing the traditional wormwood ingredient. The Lucid absinthe has the wormwood in it. It will be interesting to see how the wormwood affects the flavor. And no, absinthe does not give you hallucinations like in the movie Eurotrip. I do not plan to see any green fairies. Well, I guess if you overdo any alcohol, it can probably give you hallucinations. I have never and do not plan to ever reach that point, thankyouverymuch.

Got the new Snoop Dogg CD and it ROCKS! We haven’t purchased any rap CDs in a while because well, most of them suck. This one does not suck. Once again Snoop D-o-double G sets the standard. All you youngin’s betta recognize. woo woo! Also it’s called Malice N Wonderland. Best…rap…CD…title…ever.

Spent way too much time on video games. Was stuck on Little Big Planet spinning wheel of vomity death for like three days. Conquered the monster. If you are stuck in a similar situation, I will not play through the spinning wheel of vomity death for you. Also reached chapter 6 of Resident Evil 5, which is the last chapter.

There was book working too. I decided that if I ever go full time, I will probably need a good manager. I am terrible with my own deadlines. I need someone with the good sense to take the manuscript away from me. I also need someone who can edit faster than I can. If you’re too close or attached to the novel, you can’t just make the NEEDED changes and move on with life. There are always ways to tweak it or connect something in the story to something else.

And hence…


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