chortles delightedly

Ok, this truly caused me to laugh out loud. I have been following the olympics in a somewhat half-assed manner. I watch a few minutes here and there, I read the stories with interesting headlines.

This dude, Evgeni Plushenko from Russia, takes the crazy cake, nuts and all. Apparently he wasn’t satisfied with winning a freaking SILVER MEDAL AT THE OLYMPICS and decided to make up and award himself a platinum medal. He has his web graphics person photoshop the imaginary medal and slap it up on his website! Oh, truly this brings the LOLs.

I love a good eccentric. They bring color to the world, don’t they?

Hey, maybe I can make up a writing award for myself and photoshop/post it on my forthcoming website. And then maybe you can make up an award for reading my blog and I’ll mention you. But don’t stop there. We can be winners, winners I tell you, one and all! Muahahahaha!

Here is the link for the olympics story for your reading enjoyment.,221408


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