Alice in Wonderland + Tim Burton = awesome!

I finally saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend. I. Loved. It.

My husband hesitated to see it because he’d read a couple of not so positive reviews. He actually suggested that we see something else.

Something else? I’ve been waiting for this movie since last year. I proceeded to ask him if he had ever seen a Tim Burton movie that he didn’t like. Of course he said no, because Tim Burton is a flippin’ genius.

Alice in Wonderland is exactly what I expected it to be. Beautiful, dark, well-acted. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of that movie.

I will say that, other than Alice’s plummet down the rabbit hole, the 3D didn’t do a whole lot for this movie. There was very little ooh and aah when it came to that. I would have enjoyed the movie equally in a 2D format.

Maybe reviewers should make that part of their review process. Given the recent price hike, I might like to know if the movie is worth my paying an extra $2.50 per ticket to see the 3D version.




I finished reading Fang by James Patterson last night. Yes, with all of the last minute book and promo activities, I somehow found the time to read someone else’s book.

I don’t always love James Patterson books. I tried to read The Murder of King Tut and I actually stopped reading (which I rarely do). It was that crappy.

I really enjoyed Fang though. It was a quick read and filled with action and romance. Patterson writes the characters very well. The man knows how to tell a good story.

That’s all for now.

Ooh, later I’m taking a break to go catch Alice in Wonderland!!! jumping up and down.

movie theater price rant

What the hell. My husband informed me this morning that ‘they’ were raising the price of 3D movie tickets by 26%! ri-friggin-diculous

Like the damn movie theater wasn’t expensive enough. It will now cost me roughly $100to take my family of four to a 3D movie and buy them popcorn and sodas.

I blame Avatar. Why? Because when demand increases, so does the price. And let’s face it, there was some major demand going on with that movie. Sure, there are other factors in the price increase decision, but I’m American and can, therefore, blame whomever I want for whatever I want.

I’m going to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend and that will probably be the last 3d movie I see for a while. Seeing a movie in 3D is just not worth that much money to me.

random monday updates

I worked like a crazy person saturday and like a slightly less crazy person Sunday. I now have an ISBN for the paperback version of the book, a barcode, a twitter account which I have not yet used and a bunch of other stuff that I won’t rattle off because that would be insanely dull. I did finalize the front cover art and set a release date for the title and the synopsis.

Important lesson I learned this weekend – I should take a break to eat BEFORE my brain stops functioning due to lack of food.

The children were gone for the weekend (hence the productivity). My inlaws brought my six year old son home with ice cream, movie theater candy, two dunkin’ donuts with both frosting and sprinkles, and a ziploc bag of muddy rocks from the neighborhood pond. Next time he visits them, I am sending the following items – a chocolate cake (with sprinkles), a double shot of espresso, and a paintball gun.

I opened a twitter account this weekend. I mentioned that already, didn’t I? The address thingy is @learyan. I’m still playing around with it but I should have something up and running on that front within the next week or so.

Also this week – official author website launch! hopefully

star wars roller derby

Scar Wars (star wars roller derby) was awesome! It was the most fun I’ve had in a while. There were people dressed like Star Wars characters, beer, loud music, and chicks on roller skates knocking eachother down! What more is needed in life?

The Star Wars costumes (probably a fancier name for them) were so realistic. The 501st Battalion and Rebel Legion was walking around the arena and posing for pictures and just generally being their completely cool selves. They were all really nice.

Here’s a link if you want to check them out –

The roller derby girls were not dressed as Stars Wars characters. Although, one of them did have her face painted like Darth Maul.

Best roller derby names of the evening: Cereal Killer, Ima Hurchu, Joan of Dark, Queen Elizab#tch, and Jackie O’Smashus. And I decided that if I were to ever participate in a roller derby, my name would be Hitney Veers! Awesome, right?

I had never been to a roller derby bout before. It was really fast paced. I’m still not sure about the various actions required to score points, but I could tell when they were doing well. If the Jammer (girl with a star on her helmet) was out in front, that meant they were scoring points. It wasn’t quite like the movie Whip It, where the girls just beat the crap out of eachother. There was still some shoving and tumbling but it wasn’t quite as dramatic as the movie. Also, the track was flat rather than banked.

The Naptown Roller Girls won the bout. We took some pictures with the girls after the match.

I put our pictures on a slideshow on flickr because they were too big and there were too many to put directly on the blog. The link is below. I vow to apply hairspray to my bangs for future photo ops.