movie theater price rant

What the hell. My husband informed me this morning that ‘they’ were raising the price of 3D movie tickets by 26%! ri-friggin-diculous

Like the damn movie theater wasn’t expensive enough. It will now cost me roughly $100to take my family of four to a 3D movie and buy them popcorn and sodas.

I blame Avatar. Why? Because when demand increases, so does the price. And let’s face it, there was some major demand going on with that movie. Sure, there are other factors in the price increase decision, but I’m American and can, therefore, blame whomever I want for whatever I want.

I’m going to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend and that will probably be the last 3d movie I see for a while. Seeing a movie in 3D is just not worth that much money to me.

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