What I Don’t Miss About My Childhood

And now for part two, what I don’t miss about my childhood.

10. Little brother meddling.
9. Endless room cleaning sessions.
8. The command line interface on ye old commodore 64, although having to use one may have contributed to my computer skill development.
7. Bratty children with low self esteem bullying me.
6. Walking FOREVER to get to school in any weather. Uphill, both ways, in the snow.
5. Being dragged along to whatever boring ass function the adult in charge of me at the time felt the need to take me to.
4. Having to do the dishes after dinner every night with NO DISHWASHER! The horror.
3. Not being allowed to watch whatever movie or TV show I wanted.
2. I couldn’t drive a car and I really love/loved cars.
1. No control over the dinner menu. I hate sauerkraut!!!!

That’s all for that subject, for now at least.


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