Witch and Wizard

I finished Witch and Wizard by James Patterson yesterday. It was pretty good.

When I first started reading the book, I thought it might be some kind of Harry Potter rip off. Other than the children being witches and wizards and maybe some similarities in spells that were cast, the stories didn’t have too much in common. Oh, wait, the antagonist is an all powerful adult, sort of like Voldemort too. Other than THAT, the stories were different.

There were parts of the book that reminded me of another book. The ‘adult’ society in Witch and Wizard reminded me of Camazotz in A Wrinkle in Time. It was that same institutional, grayscale conformity kind of environment in which creativity is frowned upon.

This book was geared more toward kids than Patterson’s usual YA fiction. Most of the adults acted as enemies. The same is true of the Maximum Ride series, but I thought it was more noticable in Witch and Wizard.

The story was pretty fast-paced, and there is some decent imagery. I wouldn’t call Witch and Wizard brilliant but it’s a decent read. It gets B+.


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She Who is Vengeance is finally out!

The official release date isn’t until tomorrow, but I can’t contain myself that long.

She Who is Vengeance is now available through these links.

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For the totally awesome readers of my blog, there is a handy little code that, as I understand it, should enable you to download a free copy of the ebook on the Smashwords. If you love it, I hope you will give it a good rating. If you hate it, keep your opinion to yourself. LOL! I am totally kidding. The code expires June 1st, 2010.

smashwords code – WT92X

Have an awesome holiday weekend and remember the people who fought and fight for us!

Lost Finale Thoughts and Feelings

Yes, yes, I know I’m late with my two cents. I just finished watching the Lost finale on the DV-R last night. The thing was on past my bedtime.

Anyway, I was a little disappointed, not devastated, but I thought the writers could have done more with the end. I’ve watched Lost from the very beginning. I love that show. I can’t really say what I expected, but I know that wasn’t it.

I take issue with the unresolved. For instance, Kate was on the run from various law men throughout the series. At the end of the series, she’s flying back to that world. I think I would rather take my chances on a sinking island than go to prison.

And what ever happened to Walt? Remember the black kid from the first couple of seasons? He was supposedly special or meant for something great. Then he left and when he visited, he never really did anything spectacular. Apparently he wasn’t that special, after all.

I know there are people out there who think Lost can do no wrong. Judging by some of those verizon text message thingies they showed at the beginning of the finale, the Lost show was the absolute center of the universe. But, the writers could have done better.

I thought the finale really lacked fireworks. It felt like the writers just got tired of writing and then stopped.

Ah well. Such is life. Good tv show. We move on.


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As of today, 100 people have either viewed Part One of She Who is Vengeance on Scribd.com or downloaded it from Smashwords.com! Oh yeah, superstar! woo, me. That’s not counting anyone who may have read it through my regular website.

I looked at the prologue for the next book, the one due out this fall, and decided to trash 90% of it. I’m feeling a little frustrated. The information in the prologue is integral to the very beginning of the story, so I can’t just axe it completely. I am busting out a spiral notebook to rewrite the thing from scratch. We’ll see how that goes. I need to move significantly faster with this project.

I have not yet watched the Lost finale in its entirety. I watched it last night, but the show ran too late for me to finish watching it. Therefore, I spent my day NOT clicking links with the word Lost in them. I think we are watching the rest today.

I finally finished Fox and Willows over the weekend. Here it is.

Random Friday Updates

Listening to: The END, Black Eyed Peas
Reading: Witch and Wizard, James Patterson, also rereading the College Handbook for Creative Writing, Third Edition

This week has been crazy. I posted downloads of Part One of She Who is Vengeance in several places online, which involved a lot of reformatting and converting, etc. It was worth the effort. As of right now, Part One has been downloaded from smashwords 44 times! Hopefully people will like it well enough to want to read the rest of it. Part One is also available as a free ebook download on my website (www.LeaRyan.com) and on Scribd (http://www.scribd.com/doc/31752531).

What else? I haven’t had quite as much time to draw this week, which makes me a little sad. I still work a day job, so once dinner is over, the kids are taken care of, the workout is done (on workout days) and whatever book working is done, I don’t have much time left for the illustrations. Most of the illustrations take around 8 hours from sketch to finished product. I can probably make up some time on that this weekend.

Here’s one that I finished last week that I just haven’t posted yet. This one is called The Seamstress. Click the pic if you would like to order a print or see the rest of my gallery.

Hmmm, oh, the girl got yet another piece of braces related hardware this week. I’m feeling bad for her. My braces weren’t all that much fun. Hers are far worse by comparison. She now has the regular braces, a palatal expander and arms (like hinges) at the back of her mouth that train her bottom jaw forward. It’s pretty nuts. Hopefully, she doesn’t have to wear all of that stuff for the full two years. Bright side is, she should have flawless teeth by the end of the ordeal. That ortho means business!

I think that’s all I have for now. Next week, I’ll post the Fox and Willows illustration if I finish it this weekend. I will probably have some sort of comment on the Lost finale too.

Oh, my novel comes out officially on Friday if all goes as planned! That gets the stomach butterflies in a tizzy, but I’ll be alright, I suppose. Have a good weekend!

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Poor J. Love

I read that Ghost Whisperer was canceled. Awwwww, I know. I watched that show and liked most of it, despite some of the cheesiness. I always loved J. Love’s outfits and the guy that played her husband brought his hotness to my TV every Friday night.

The part of the show that cracked me up was near the end of every episode. It was the heart to heart talk between the ghost and his/her loved ones, during which the ghost would attempt to make amends with whoever they had harrassed throughout the episode. The ghost would say what they needed to say and then Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character would convey the message to the living, non-ghost whispering types. The problem was, she never accurately conveyed the message to the living. The ghost could go through this whole spiel about why they were acting a fool and how sorry they were, then J. Love would be like, “He says he’s sorry.”

Apparently, when you’re dead, the bottom line is all that matters.


Also be sure to check out the free e-book download of Part One of She Who is Vengeance at www.LeaRyan.com. The full print version of the novel goes on sale May 28th!

Dolan’s Cadillac

We watched Dolan’s Cadillac this weekend. The movie is based on a short story from Stephen King’s collection Nightmares and Dreamscapes. I think I probably read that novel years ago, but really, I didn’t remember that particular story at all.

Christian Slater plays an excellent bad guy, Dolan. He really seemed to take delight in the role. The good guy is played by Wes Bentley (also played weird kid with the camera in American Beauty), who does an equally amazing job.

The plot is pretty much a straight forward revenge story. The only complaint I had was the lack of twists and turns. While there was the usual Stephen King grit, the story lacked that weirdness of his that I love so much. The movie is enjoyable to watch, regardless of the slight lack of strange. My favorite scenes involved the protagonist’s aquisition and use of a hand cannon and the eleborate trap used by one of the guys to catch the other. I give it an A-.


Also be sure to check out the free e-book download of Part One of She Who is Vengeance at www.LeaRyan.com. The full print version of the novel goes on sale May 28th!