Monday book and writing updates

Reading – nothing yet!
Listening to – Amy Winehouse, Frank

This weekend was crazy busy. I had household chores, book proofreading work, book art work, grocery shopping. The children finally returned from their grandparents’ house too. I am worn out.

Lady editor now has most of the witch book. I ran out of paper, so I couldn’t print out the whole thing, which is really a sort of not so intelligent thing to do. I need to learn to plan ahead.

I really like the witch book. It was easy for me to write, somewhat easy to edit. I think it’s really easy to read. That one will be out the door before I know it.

That leaves me to decide what to write next.

There’s the short story collection. I’ve had this list of stories in my head and on my computer for about three years. I might work on it this fall. Some of the stories are pretty creepy, so the season for death would be a good time for writing them.

I have a synopsis laid out for the sequel to She Who is Vengeance. That project will be more daunting than the short story book, for sure. The first installment took over four years for me to read, edit and rewrite. The next one absolutely will not take that long. I worry about getting myself back in that way of thinking and writing. I will probably be okay once I get moving on it though.

Also on the agenda for this week, selecting an indie book to review. I’m excited about it, like I’m venturing into unknown territory where anything is possible. I am going to read something that has not been approved by the corporate publishing man. I feel like a literary rebel already.

Another item on the to-do list for this week is updating my mess of a website. I have old events listed and no cover art on my home page, which is weird because I swear I posted some there. I also need to put together something resembling a virtual press kit. I’ve been putting that task off for too long.

Um, I have nothing more to share at this time and no witty closing remarks. Live on.

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