friday book argh

Ok, so I change my mind often. Maybe it’s a girl thing, I don’t know. Apparently author service type companies don’t really want you to change your mind.

Before I published Babylon Dragon through CreateSpace, I published it with a different title on lulu. When I figured out that I could sell the same book much, much cheaper through createspace, I deleted the book from my projects on lulu. Well, the heifers at lulu went on and slapped it up on amazon anyway.

So now I have two different versions of the same fricking book on amazon.

Now you may be asking yourself, can’t you ask amazon to take it down? No, I can’t. Amazon is committed to offering all titles whether you want them to or not.

What lesson have we learned, kiddies?

I learned that I should have all my shiznit together in a perfect sort of way before I start clicking buttons. Have I mentioned that I’m really good at falling on my face? Oh yes I have.

Bottom line – two books, one story. Buy the cheaper one because it has a cooler title and a cooler cover.

That is all.

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Workout Marathon Update + Whitley Strieber, Majestic

Workout Marathon update (Day 10, I think) – Still trucking. I did an especially tough session of cardio boxing today. argh. Earlier today, at work and before the boxing, my ribs started hurting, like all the way around. That was unpleasant. The pain could possibly be workout marathon related. However, I feel ok now. So I continue.

And now Majestic.

Maejestic is a fictional story that Whitley Strieber claims to have written based on actual documents from that whole alien Roswell incident that occurred back in the 50s. I didn’t check, so I can’t verify that the documents, like the press release about the crashed alien aricraft, are really for reals.

The narrator in the book is a writer who is interviewing various people who were involved in the conspiracy.

There were a few lags in the story, mostly military business, bah. Also, some of the characters were difficult to keep track of. There were so many of them and they were all military so the voices didn’t vary all that much. But for the most part, the story was wild and sort of trippy. There were some pretty intense parts, which I won’t ruin in case someone who wants to read Majestic stops off here. That wouldn’t be very nice. Overall, I thought it was a really good read.

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sailing through the air

I am recovering from a debilitating lack of focus that I experienced over the weekend. I have so much to do and not enough attention span to go around.

Let’s take a quick look at my desk and see what’s on it.

Yesterday I finally finished the short story. My wonderful husband mailed it for me today.

I also finished reading Streiber’s Majestic. I should be ready to post something about it on the blog this week.

Tonight, I’m working on the witch book cover art plus synopsis. I really wanted this available at the beginning of september but at this rate, the release might be more like the middle of september. : (

Final/hands off readthrough of witch book. No worries. Should only take about 4 days.

Started on short story to coincide with witch book release. I actually didn’t plan to start writing this until I sent off for the proof, but I couldn’t help myself.

Updating marketing materials for Babylon Dragon and planning relaunch activities like registering the book on goodreads, etc.

Babylon dragon sequel notes. I wrote a couple of chapters. This is an official work in progress.

Plus one other very low priority writing work in progress that I keep picking up and putting down and picking up again.

I am bouncing between various projects like a ping pong ball on red bull. The madness must end.

I also need to choose the book for the august indie review. I’m still accepting synopsis sumissions for the next few days. So, if you want your book reviewed, please visit the book reviews section on my website.

Workout marathon – still going. What am I on now? *checks calendar* day 9. I have worked out the last 7 out of 9 days. I feel pretty good, although I am getting a little tired of devoting so much time to moving around. Yesterday was wii fit; today was yoga. Tomorrow will probably be cardio boxing.

This week I’m getting myself back on track with writing by prioritizing and setting goals. witch book readthrough, cover art and synopsis for during the week, babylon dragon marketing activities this weekend. Everything else, except workout marathon and blogging, is on the back burner, I swear.

This is me focusing. See my squint? Feel my intensity?

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book is on sale + short witch book update + workout marathon update

Lulu e-mailed me to let me know that the first edition of my book (She Who is Vengeance) hasn’t been showing up in their searches. It is now showing up. They also said the book is available for 15% off with coupon code BEACHREAD305 until august 15th.

I received the witch book manuscript back from lady editor yesterday. WOO! I still hope to make it available on Amazon some time in September. If I can’t get it going on amazon fast enough, there may be a lulu release beforehand. It’s definitely an autumn/Halloween type of read, so timing is important.

The workout marathon is going well. Working out every day is time consuming, but I haven’t felt any different when it comes to energy level. I did wii fit on Monday, yoga on Tuesday, cardio boxing today, and tomorrow is another yoga day. I decided that my days off this week will be Friday and Sunday. I really hate working out on Friday, and we do the major house cleaning on Sunday.

Next up on the to-do list for this evening – entering witch book changes onto the computer file. yay. my favorite writing activity…not. This weekend – book formatting and finishing the cover art, possibly ordering the proof if it turns out that I am wonder woman and can finish everything.

play on, playa.

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Behind the facade of this innocent looking bookstore…

Netflix streaming has the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! My daughter and I watched a few episodes this weekend. I was never really a fan when the show was new. I didn’t dislike it. I watched sometimes if I happened to catch it when it was on. We both loved the episodes we watched.

There were a couple of faces that I recognized from HBO and Showtime shows. Eric Balfour who played Gabriel Dimas (Claire’s boyfriend) on Six Feet Under played Jesse. He bit the big one in either the first or second episode.

Julie Benz played Rita on Dexter up until this last season. In Buffy, she was a very naughty vampire.

Also on the list of things watched this weekend- Rest Stop. It’s a horror movie about a girl who is trapped and harassed at a rest stop by a homicidal maniac. There were some interesting parts, but the movie wasn’t great. Somehow, the movie lacked tension. I didn’t feel that the main actress did a bad job. Maybe it was the directing or the writing that caused the problem. I don’t know. I’m not really a film expert. All I know is that I was kind of bored during most of the movie.

Completely unrelated to the subject of things we watched this weekend, I saw this really funny article on wikihow (link below) that shows you exactly how to play rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. The game is from the show Big Bang Theory, which is probably my favorite thing on television right now, except for maybe Californication.

This oh so helpful diagram and tutorial makes me wish I had some geekier friends nearby so I could put this into practice. Unfortunately, I don’t have any awesomely geeky friends nearby. [sigh]

next blog – book updates (like, where the hell is the new print copy?) and Hot Tub Time Machine

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indie review – Billy Young’s Bublos

by: Billy Young
pp. 240 pages
available at

A man falls victim to brutal murder. Joe, one of the men who is hired to clean out his apartment, finds a book that contains strange writing. Joe feels drawn to the book and takes it home with him. He winds up at the center of a conflict between an angel and a couple of demons.

One thing this book has going for it is how easily relatable the main character is. Joe is your ordinary guy thrust into an extraordinary situation. He reacts the way most people would probably react to the circumstances put upon him.

Too, the supporting characters have distinct and believable voices. The angel ‘sounds’ like an angel, Joe sounds like a regular guy, etc.

While another revision might allow the author to shorten some too long sentences and enhance the story, the novel has a strong premise. Angels and demons vie for possession of a book protected by a flawed human being. That is an interesting concept.

Bublos is available for purchase at the link below!

Meanwhile, back in the recliner office, Thursday updates

All hail the end of the week! Saturday is nearly upon us.

Let’s see what I have going on.

I should receive the proof copy of Babylon Dragon within the next few days. If that turns out ok, I will be ready to confuse every one who buys things I write by the end of next week. It is the same book as She Who is Vengeance. It just has a streamlined title and a snazzier cover.

If you bought the 2nd edition of She Who is Vengeance through lulu, then congratulations! You have a collector’s edition because I retired it last night.

I’ve been working on the Babylon Dragon sequel every evening this week. It seems to be going pretty well. I noticed during this book working that when my brain is ready to stop giving me words to type, it does so suddenly. Brain is such a primadonna sometimes. I’m about 4500 words in, so the conclusion of that project is rather far off at the moment.

I also started writing one short story which I may or may not enter into a contest. It really depends on whether I can stay under the maximum word count. I won’t tell you what it’s about, but I will say it’s in the horror genre.

In other news, a mustang is the hottest car EVER! I cannot roll along with the windows down without the car trapping every molecule of heat from the day inside. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love love my beautiful, wonderful car, but if that air conditioner ever breaks, I will not be able to drive it.

I should have the indie review ready to go tomorrow night.

Peace out, yo.