Meanwhile, back in the recliner office, Thursday updates

All hail the end of the week! Saturday is nearly upon us.

Let’s see what I have going on.

I should receive the proof copy of Babylon Dragon within the next few days. If that turns out ok, I will be ready to confuse every one who buys things I write by the end of next week. It is the same book as She Who is Vengeance. It just has a streamlined title and a snazzier cover.

If you bought the 2nd edition of She Who is Vengeance through lulu, then congratulations! You have a collector’s edition because I retired it last night.

I’ve been working on the Babylon Dragon sequel every evening this week. It seems to be going pretty well. I noticed during this book working that when my brain is ready to stop giving me words to type, it does so suddenly. Brain is such a primadonna sometimes. I’m about 4500 words in, so the conclusion of that project is rather far off at the moment.

I also started writing one short story which I may or may not enter into a contest. It really depends on whether I can stay under the maximum word count. I won’t tell you what it’s about, but I will say it’s in the horror genre.

In other news, a mustang is the hottest car EVER! I cannot roll along with the windows down without the car trapping every molecule of heat from the day inside. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love love my beautiful, wonderful car, but if that air conditioner ever breaks, I will not be able to drive it.

I should have the indie review ready to go tomorrow night.

Peace out, yo.


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