animal arch enemies

Have you ever noticed that lots of people (maybe everyone?) has a member of the animal kingdom that they pretty much detest?

For instance, mine is the mosquito. The very sight of one instantly sends me into a bug murdering rage. I won’t even take the time to find an implement with which to kill the mosquito. They get the bare hand slap. Oh yea, guts on the hand, anything to keep that little effer from possibly escaping. Spiders are on a catch and release program in my house, but mosquitos? Hell no.

My husband hates oppossums because he thinks they’re repulsive and mean, which they probably are. The mere thought of an opposum causes him to shudder in disgust. I’m not sure he experiences animal murdering rage at the sight of one, but I’m not totally sure he would avoid hitting one with a car, unless he was worried about damaging the car.

My dad isn’t particularly fond of goats. I think he has had some bad experiences though. That one might be justifiable on some level.

I think almost everyone has that one lowly creature that hits a nerve for one reason or another, or maybe no real reason at all. Why do we single out a particular creature like that? Especially those of us that haven’t had a bad experience with that certain type of animal?

Just wondering.

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2 comments on “animal arch enemies

  1. At the risk of appearing unoriginal, I too, loathe the mosquito! I can’t understand the importance of this little blood sucker, except to help the Bot Fly populate *shutter*!

  2. Lea Ryan says:

    EW! Bot flies are worse. Now I am also shuddering.

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