Disaster at Minotaur Meats

Today I read Disaster at Minotaur Meats by Matthew Sawyer.

The story is about two teenage brothers who get jobs at the meat plant their mother used to work at. Minotaur Meats isn’t just a creative name for the plant. The plant actually started out selling minotaur meat that people ate.

That in itself is a very interesting concept – the slaughter of mythical creatures for our consumption. The author calls the people who eat that meat ‘pseudo-cannibals’ because the minotaur is, you know, half bull and half human.

Minotaur Meats no longer sells minotaur meat due to some nasty side effects consumers experienced. The business, headed by a man named Mr. Brink, has moved on to slaughtering another creature called a tomga. It’s sort of like a rat but infinitely more disgusting.

So the teenage boys are hired to hunt down the tomga that escape the meat plant. And boys will be boys, they end up making some trouble.

The tomga aren’t the only monsters. Also present is the uber cold-hearted business, which is just as bad, if not worse than the rats.

The author of this story did a great job grossing out with vivid descriptions of the detestable critters. The story was deliciously morbid and really what I hoped for with respect to plot.

If you haven’t yet read Disaster at Minotaur Meats, it is available for download at www.smashwords.com

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