indie revew – The Tale of Spam City

The Tale of Spam City, by MT McGuire is a free e-short that I downloaded from smashwords.

The story begins in a parallel universe where Griselda the spam eating wench is a tad upset. For one cannot be a spam eating wench unless one eats some spam. She has not.

She, of this apparently halloween-esque parallel universe, travels to our universe to find some spam. She encounters some difficulties from cops to the cashier expecting to collect money in exchange for the spam.

One thing that I really liked about this story was the rythm of the writing. It read like a fairy tale.

I also enjoyed the strangeness of the parallel universe. There were a lot of imaginative details from the culture to the creatures.

The Tale of Spam City was a decent story. I think it could do with a slight edit, but it was good for a freebie.

Here is a link that will take you to the story –

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