some book working updates

Alright, what do we have on the agenda for this most glorious of weeks?

First up, I submitted files for the paperback copy of MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth last night. I hope everything looks good when I receive it. I sometimes have trouble getting things centered up on the cover art.

Next, I am going to try and set up one of those amazon associates thingies to sell books through the blog. I hear tell it might improve profit margins. We’ll see how that goes.

The biggest project for the next couple of weeks is illustration. I played with the idea of illustrating the AnnaBeth book from the beginning but decided that I didn’t want to do that. Now, I’ve changed my mind again.

I am now creating a super duper special illustrated edition of the book that will be sold through lulu only.

I wanted a hard cover copy with color illustrations, but it turns out that’s really frickin’ expensive, like probably around $40 expensive. That is entirely too much. Now I have a decision to make.

I can keep the illustrated version within a more reasonsable price range but I have to give up either the hard cover or the color illustrations. They would be black and white in the hard cover.

So guess what. We have a poll this week! Now, now, don’t be shy. You don’t have to give up any info to vote. Which idea do we love best? There is a poll thingy over there on the right. Lemme know, yo.

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