Kick Ass

This weekend selection was Kick-Ass. It’s about a teenager who, with no superpowers or real ability to fight, decides to become a super hero. He them proceeds to meet weird people and get into trouble.

Before I saw this movie, I thought it was a comedy, sort of in the vein of Superbad, that same kind of humor. It was funny, yes, but there was a very serious side to it too.

Kick-Ass himself is a bit of a geek. I love geeks. Have I ever mentioned that before? Especially cute ones and Kick-Ass is very cute.

Wait. Isn’t he supposed to be a high school student? Crap. Does that make me a perve?

*checking IMDB for age*

Yes! Not a perve. He is actually 20 years old. Maybe I’m a little pervy but not overly.

Kick-Ass really can’t do much in the way of fighting. In the beginning, he’s just running around hitting people with sticks. He does move on to do more than that eventually.

There are a couple of other super heroes, Hit-Girl and Big Daddy. When Kick-Ass meets them, they are busy exacting revenge on the mafia for wrongs done to their family.

Hit-Girl, a girl who looks to be around ten years old, is very well trained and all too eager to impale, dismember, and/or serve up a lead salad. Her fight scenes are both fun to watch and cringe inducing. Seeing such a young person take out bad guys is sometimes mildly disturbing, especially because she does so with zero hesitation or remorse.

So, the movie was very good. I loved it all, despite occasionally being mildly disturbed. Kick-Ass gets an A.

Also, the sequel is scheduled for 2012.
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