watching Dr. Who

I like sci fi.

My husband does not.

Therefore, I do not get to watch sci fi shows very often. This fact makes me very sad. It’s not that I’m forbidden from watching that stuff. My husband just has a tendency to make fun of it.

I used to try to watch Star Trek Next Gen reruns with him. He made fun of them, said they were cheesy. They are cheesy sometimes, but they are also awesome. I grew up on that shiz.

When I tried to watch various shows on the sci fi channel, he would walk into the room and immediately ask, “What the hell are you watching?”

[sad face, channel click]

I knew what was coming – more mockery of an awesome genre.

I recently started watching reruns of Dr. Who. I managed to catch it a few times on Sci Fi (aka SyFy, bleck) when the husband wasn’t around. I liked the episodes I saw, but then I just kind of forgot about it.

I finally got tired of seeing all of these references to Dr. Who on the internet, etc. It seemed like everyone was having all this fun watching it but me. I started to feel left out.

I set out on this mission to watch Dr. Who, all of it from 2005 to present. AND, it turns out that Netflix has the seasons available for streaming.

I watched an episode with the husband. I think he may actually like it! He said he liked it anyway, which means that I may actually get to catch up some time this century.

He did say it was cheesy. Of course it is. But at least he’s willing to watch it, hopefully without making too much fun. Rejoice!

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