things I sincerely need

Well here we are again. Another Monday. I think winter boredom has officially settled in. In an effort to combat the boredom, I have compiled a short list of things I wish to acquire.

First, PLAYSTATION PHONE!!! AAAAAAA!!!!! I have been a playstation girl since the days of PS1. Here is a link to pictures of a yet unreleased Playstation phone.

I would hate to give up the productivity capability of the crackberry but damn, this is a temptation. I have questions like – can it play PSP games or a download equivalent? I cannot wait to see what this thing can do.

On the list of things I probably will never have – the Jackal Hyde Nike Dunk .

Those are some bad ass bitches right there!! If only they made them in my size! Alas.

I know they’re men’s shoes. I do not care.

And finally, the theremin. The theremin is the musical instrument that was featured in last week’s Big Bang Theory. It is (was) used primarily for creepy movie sounds per the Wikipedia. I totally need one of these.

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