Juniper Townsend character sketch

Juniper is the main character in my upcoming novella, What the Dead Fear. I thought I would write a bit about her today.

At the time of her death, she’s a 22 year old college student and the only child to her single mother, Francine.

Juniper is different from the female leads in my novels. Where Adrea (Babylon Dragon) and AnnaBeth (MacDowell Sisters and Annabeth) (also, both ‘A’ names? What does that mean?) were unsure of themselves and constantly questioning whether their actions were right, Juniper doesn’t. She has few or no reserves about jumping into the fire for her friend. From almost the beginning of the story, she is on task.

However, she does carry a lot of regret with her into Limbo. The feelings she has gnaw away at her, especially in situations in which she perceives herself as helpless, which isn’t very often. Her remorse can only be healed through action.

Juniper is loyal and brash and relentless. She takes whatever path she believes will bring her closer to her goal, even if she doesn’t always have a complete plan.

What the Dead Fear, release date 2/21/11. Check back for updates and links.

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