not a release day

Today is not the day I hoped it would be. Today was supposed to be release day for the novella, but I’ve decided to hold onto it for a couple more days. I’m still tweaking the words. Wednesday should be the day and I’ll drop links to the book and the trailer, just like one big multimedia splat.

So, Wednesday.

Today we’ll compare similar plots, because I haz them.

There is a somewhat significant similarity between the plot of Babylon Dragon (my first novel) and What the Dead Fear.

Both protagonists are dead and trying to save someone who is still alive for at least most of the story. Also both stories have some pretty darn strange settings. Adrea (Babylon Dragon) is in Purgatory and Juniper (What the Dead Fear) is in Limbo.

That’s where the similarities end though.

I guess the point is to say that I know these stories have certain aspects in common, but they are also unique. This dead person trying save a living person isn’t a shtick. What the Dead Fear is probably the last story in which the protagonist is dead that I’ll write for quite a while, probably until (if) I write the Babylon Dragon sequel.

That is all.
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