guest post: C.L. Talmadge

Today we have C.L. Talmadge, author of the Green Stone of Healing Series. What is the series about, you ask? Well, below is a description of The Vision—Green Stone of Healing® Book One from the author herself.

“A vanished past roars back to life in the Green Stone of Healing® series, which chronicles what happens when politics, passion, and piety collide in the lost island nation of Azgard.

This hidden history is really herstory. Four generations of strong-willed female characters are at the epicenter of the power struggles of their country. So are their loves.

The Temple of Kronos has far-reaching authority. Its priests preach the superiority of the island’s dominant Toltecs and forbid sexual contact with the subservient Turanians. Infractions of their edicts risk severe consequences.

The stated reasons for such laws are lies. The Temple fears half breeds’ legendary paranormal abilities. The priests lost these gifts and are trying desperately to reclaim them to maintain their control.

One of the most powerful Toltec lords falls for a Turanian woman, defying this cruel social order. She refuses to wed him, but from their secret liaison is born a half-breed, a daughter named Helen Andros.
Thirty-one years later, Helen’s full parentage becomes public, igniting a political firestorm outlined in The Vision, the series’ first book. This revelation shakes the foundations of power. The Temple’s leader orders Helen’s death. His subordinate plots to use her to create more half-breeds in a quest for absolute power.

The latter bloc eventually assumes control of the Temple. The consequences are dire. The Temple and its supporters splinter into groups that fight each other and prey on the vulnerable. Armed goons wave holy writ as justification for violence and further repression.

Taught by the otherworldly Mist-Weavers to use the gem’s occult properties of healing and protection, Helen and her descendants offer a loving, inclusive alternative to theocrats whose lust for total dominion destroys them and nearly the rest of the world.

In the darkest hours, the heroines find love to sustain them….”

This novel is available at any online bookseller or by order through physical bookstores.

Title: The Vision—Green Stone of Healing® Book One
ISBN: 978-0-9800537-3-9 (paperback)

Thank you to C.L. for sharing her book/series!!


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