comic book movies are making me sad

I think I may be losing interest in comic book movies. I never thought I would say that. Maybe the ones coming out right now just don’t interest me.

I mean, Thor? I don’t read many comic books, but I’m familiar with a lot of the characters due to many hours of watching cartoons. Who the eff is Thor? Did my geek cred level just take a dive? Probably.

And that Green Lantern movie? I do know who Green Lantern but that movie looks dumb, despite the presence of the beautiful Ryan Reynolds.

The more of these movies that come out, the less value I see in them. I remember the summer that Tim Burton’s Batman came out. Wow, that was a huge deal. Batman was everywhere and everything. The movie was amazing – dark and creepy. The sequels? They were alright.

I know, Superman movies came before that, but I was only like a year old when the first one released. I don’t remember a whole lot of that particular time period. I did grow up watching them on VHS and sometimes on TV. I thought they were awesome.

Then we had Spiderman and the X-Men, the Hulk, Ironman. I liked all of those. I even thought Catwoman (Halle Berry) was alright. I’m pretty easy to please, generally.

Now they (they as in the studio man) just crank them out willy-nilly. They don’t care what it is, just slap some CGI on that bitch and ship it on out.

Great. I sound like an OLD geek.

The movies are starting to feel cheap to me. Maybe there are too many of them? Is there a lack of innovation or sincerity?

I do know that I won’t see Green Lantern. I might watch Thor on DVD. The same goes for X-Men First Class as long as the reviews aren’t terrible. I don’t plan to shell out any money for theater tickets for them. That’s for sure.

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