birdies and music

My yard is becoming a bird sanctuary. First up – sparrow update.

I finally got a shot of mama bird. She’s fast like a little rocket. I got this picture of her on the neighbor’s roof. With some internet research, I identified her as a Savannah Sparrow.

The sparrows will be the last set of birds permitted to roost on the porch. They are significantly yuckier than the cardinal we had in the spruce a couple of years ago. Of course, there was only one cardinal and like five baby sparrows in a teeny tiny nest. I’m surprised they all fit in that tiny nest and haven’t shoved anyone out yet.

We found a second nest in the spruce tree. These birds are mourning doves. The eggs are a pale pink.

That mama bird has been too fast for me. This is what they look like.

This next bird doesn’t actually live in my yard. I took this picture of a robin in the field behind my house.

Ok I have a totally awesome website to share. This thing makes music! Instructions are there.

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