fatigue and a scribble bird.

I am so very tired. The girl had a middle school function this evening – a dance recital. I’m settling in late because of that. She did a great job. She was in a couple of group dances and then had a solo one. She didn’t tell us that she had a solo beforehand because she wanted to surprise us.

I was extra proud because while all the other girls danced to electronica dance-y pop, my daughter danced to a Three Days Grace song, ie rock. That’s my baby.

I don’t have the brain power to write up a real post today. However, I do have an illustration. I got a graphics tablet (Wacom Bamboo) a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Drawing with it is a lot more natural than mouse clicking.

This was one of the first drawings I did with the tablet, just sort of playing around with it. This is a scribble bird. Michelangelo it is not, but I think it’s cute anyway.

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