gratitude and movies

I have been freaking out a little since the whole free ebook on Amazon thing. I am extremely grateful to whatever person or algorithm caused my free everywhere else ebook to magically become free on Amazon.

What the Dead Fear has been downloaded over 10,300+ times in the last few days from Amazon. My mind is officially blown. If someone told me last week that I would be on any sort of bestseller list (freebie or not), I probably would have laughed and then told them to quit making fun of me.

I could never have generated that level of attention to my writing on my own, at least not that scary fast. I hope I deserved it in some kind of way. I wish I knew where to send the thank you card.

So, biggest thank you ever to Amazon and to anyone who downloaded it and is reading this right now.

I missed my usual Monday movie post yesterday, so I’m just going to do a couple quick bits on what we watched over the holiday weekend.

First up – The Mechanic, starring Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland and Tony Goldwyn who, interestingly enough, played the bad guy from the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore Ghost movie.

Jason Statham is Arthur Bishop, a hit man who receives an assignment to kill his mentor, Harry (Sutherland). Then his mentor’s son comes around and requests that Arthur train him in the ways of the hit man. Arthur goes after the people that wanted Harry dead and Harry’s son goes with him.

The movie is short, fast-paced, and well-acted. B

Next – The Rite

Anthony Hopkins is damn brilliant. Truly. Not that anyone needs me to say that. In The Rite, he is Father Lucas Trevant, who is a priest that is skilled at exorcising demons. The main character is Michael Kovak as played by some guy name Colin O’Donoghue. He looks like that guy from CSI New York and the resemblance kind of bugged me. Here is a side-by-side. Guy on the left is from the movie. Guy on the right is from CSI NY.

Michael travels to Italy to attend an exorcism class and studies under Trevant.

The third most important character was a journalist there to observe the exorcism class for an article she was writing. Her name was Angeline and the actress was Alice Braga. She befriends Michael and they discuss the demon business.

I said I was keeping this short, didn’t I? Basically, a bunch of weird stuff starts happening. The demons pick on them and try to get Michael Kovak to turn to the dark side. The plot was slow at first. They could have cut about 20 minutes out of the first hour and the movie wouldn’t have suffered. Overall, it was good. The Rite gets a B+.
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