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I usually try not to spend too much time looking at my reviews because I am still sensitive enough to care about those things. While I was checking to see if What the Dead Fear was still free on Amazon last night (it is), I saw this review, the beginning of which was seemingly addressed directly to me.

Here is a copy and paste for your convenience.

“Pleasantly surprised in the creative style exhibited in this novella by you Lea Ryan. 22 year old Juniper dies an accidental death and her spirit is left in Limbo. As a rule breaker, Juniper creates her own chaos in limbo as she still worries about the living and not caring about the demise of her own self. She meets Cricket who tries to persuade her to stick to the rules, unsuccessfully. The end of the novella leaves the reader wanting more and for the story to continue. Hopefully, Ms. Ryan will continue this story in the near future.”

First of all, is there a camera in here or something? I feel like I’m being watched.

Second of all, how nice is she!?! The other people who posted reviews are equally super! I love when people say positive things. Especially about my writing because, well, it’s kind of a whole lot of work.

One of the reasons I left Juniper’s story so freakin’ wide open was because before I finished writing it, I was already thinking about possibly returning. I really liked the characters. I’m a little attached.

I have a grain of an idea rattling around in my brain, but I have other projects first. I have two novels in progress that I want to finish at least the rough drafts on by fall. I may be able to squeeze it in after those two. I imagine that I might want a break from writing book-length fiction by then.

On a different note, I read an interesting blog post from a bookseller who refused to host a signing for an Amazon published (their imprint, not a self-publisher) author. I have mixed feelings about this issue.

On one hand, I sympathize with the independent bookstore. There is no question in my mind that Amazon has affected their business. I understand why he’s angry.

However bad Amazon may or may not be for bookstores, it is really, really good for authors, especially indies like me. For the most part, bookstores do not carry self-published books.

Bottom line – a bookstore would have never given me the time of day. Amazon has enabled my writing to reach over 18,000 readers. And that’s not page views. Those are actual downloads.

Do you remember that Janet Jackson song – What Have You Done for Me Lately? That’s playing in my head right now.

I feel no ill will toward independent book sellers at all, but I believe that, like some traditional publishers, they’re hanging onto a way of doing business that won’t work to their benefit forever.

Instead of digging their heels into the sand, they should focus on how to get people into the stores. Business is business. Would you deny something that might help keep your doors open?

They’re not going to put Amazon out of business by refusing to host those authors, but they will lose customer traffic they would have otherwise had.

Here is a link to what I read

Tomorrow is Friday. Let us rejoice. That is all.

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