Faster stars Duane “The Rock” Johnson as Driver, an ex-con who, upon release, goes after the jerks who participated in his brother’s murder and attempted to murder him. Also on the hunt (but for Driver) are the cops and a hit man who has some interesting mental issues.

Billy Bob Thornton plays Cop. He’s one of the two primary investigators working on the murder spree case. He has many personal issues, one of which is the fact that he and his wife are both recovering addicts. This was a relatively dull character for Billy Bob.

The movie was stylish and gruesome in places. There was some action. It was a Rock movie, so that’s to be expected.

The most interesting character was Killer. He was the hit man hired to kill Driver. He’s an adrenaline junkie with some sort of unnamed mental condition. His girlfriend wants him to stop killing people. His shrink wants him to take his meds.

Regarding muscles, Dwayne is looking a tad over-inflated these days. The muscle living on his neck/upper back area looks like a meat backpack. He’s starting to look freaky.

Faster was pretty good. It was entertaining but not great. C
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