The dog is missing.

This summer she seems to have made a hobby of taking off. At first she would squirm out of her collar. She did that a few times, and we bought her a harness. That worked for a while.

But this morning, a family member who shall remain nameless let the dog off her chain at the end of the deck. Usually when we do this, the dog runs inside. This morning she decided to bolt instead.

She usually comes back within an hour or so of taking off. She’s a short, butterballish creature who gets winded when we take her on short walks. She’s not exactly built for survival in the wild.

I’m also worried because the coyotes are in the process of teaching their pups to hunt. I saw that on a news report just the other day. Zoe the dog would be a really easy target. The sun is going down right now and she still isn’t back.

Hopefully someone has her safe in their house. She has a really cute personality. I could see someone wanting to take her in. If they did, I hope they give her back.

I have no one to eat the food I drop on the floor. Max has no one to beat up on except for Sneaker, and she kicks him in the face.

I’m going to go work on a missing dog poster now.

: (

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