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Today was day 3 of drastically reduced sugar intake. Day 1 was awful. Day 2 was worse. I barely had enough energy at the end of the day for a 2 mile bike ride. Today I actually feel better. I am still easily irritated, however. The word of the day was ‘stupid’. Lol, I guess there are worse insults I could be slinging around.

I got to watch my son eat cake and ice cream at a school function this evening, so that was fun.

I did come up with what might be the best book title ever. It’s for MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth. I’m changing the title with series relaunch. I can’t say what the title is yet because someone will probably steal it before I get to use it. And that would make me very angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry, especially when I have a nonexistant blood sugar level.

Remix project update:

I’m on page 80 of 106. Word count 63000 words.

I may actually finish before my self-imposed deadline of friday. I would say there is an 80% chance.

I am starting to get excited about writing more on AnnaBeth 2. Writing on a blank page is different from a rewrite. It feels more adventurous somehow.

That’s all for today. I leave you with a photo of some band people we watched. This was a dress rehearsal for an event at Lucas Oil Stadium. They were all highly skilled and very tan. I looked very goth next them.


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