movie: Sucker Punch

Ah, Sucker Punch.

Where do I begin?

The beginning of the movie finds our heroine in a bad situation. Her mother dies. Her stepfather comes after her, presumably to do something naughty to her. Drama ensues. She ends up accidentally shooting and killing someone.

Stepfather has her locked up in a super crappy mental institution. She creates a dream world in which she is in a whorehouse (they don’t actually call it that if I remember correctly. It’s more implied.) and the girls are forced to perform dances on a stage for clients. Her name in the alternate reality is Baby Doll.

In her alternate reality, the people force her to dance and when she dances, she descends into yet another place. Kind of like Inception – a dream within a dream. At this next level, she’s fighting a war against zombie soldiers and dragons and robots and such.

Complicated, no? Yes.

Sucker Punch takes a while to really get going. Visually, it is stunning. It’s gritty and the action is way over the top. The outfits are very cool.

There’s a lot of music too, with words. The characters aren’t singing but the soundtrack (which is awesome) is very present, almost like a character in itself.

Every man in the movie, save two, is an evil and/or perverted bastard. That was very noticable.

The end left a lot to be desired. Some issues are left unresolved.

I didn’t love Sucker Punch, but it does have merit as entertainment. It gets a C.


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