Are tablets worth the price?

I got a tablet recently. Mine is an Archos Android tablet and I love it. Seriously, it’s awesome. I can watch videos or listen to Pandora, play games, draw in a sketchbook app, look stuff up on the internet and the whole thing is so portable. It’s smaller than a spiral bound notebook.


It does not replace my laptop. No way. I can’t get my Adobe Suite or Microsoft Office on there, mostly because they’re Windows programs. Even if the tablet could run the software, there isn’t enough memory and no CD drive to install it.

To anyone who might be on the fence about whether a tablet might be used in place of a computer, I can tell you that tablets are not the same. Maybe for the really light user who only wants to check email, play some app-type games or get on the facebook, it might work, but there are significant limitations.

And tablets sure as heck aren’t worth the price that the major brands are charging. Mine was like $200 something, which is a good range for what it does. I really don’t think I would pay much more than that. As I type this, the Samsung Galaxy is $500. It has 16gb of memory. For less than half that price, you can get a Toshiba netbook with a 250gb hard drive and it’s compatible with more because it runs Windows.

Of course, the netbook doesn’t have a touchscreen or apps as Android defines them, but in the end, it’s almost as portable and a lot more versatile.

I didn’t expect my tablet to do as much as my laptop. I knew what it was before I bought it. The point is that I don’t think a tablet is worth what certain brands are charging. I love my tablet. I would not pay $500 for it.

The end.


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