still no net

I am still in a state of argh due to no internet. I did want to pop on via phone because I forgot to mention a quick thing yesterday. I’m changing the price structure for my books when I rerelease MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth under the new title and with the new cover. Right now, none of my ebooks is over 99 cents.

With the next release, the ebooks are going to $1.99. I realize that percentage-wise, that’s quite a hike. However, when you take into consideration that most ebooks backed traditional publishers are priced at 5.99 or more, that’s still a pretty darn good deal.

Babylon Dragon will remain 99 cents for now. And Clockwork, which is free everywhere but amazon, will also stay the same price.

That’s it for now. The internet technician man is supposed to come tomorrow. If he doesnt, I may scream.


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