reading and a sunny day

Refraining from starting another book is really, really hard for me. I’m on break from AnnaBeth 2 and waiting for Wyrm to come back from the editor. I don’t want another book in the mix. Three is too many for me to focus on anything properly. Not writing is like having an itch I can’t scratch.

But I’ll persevere. I’m reading The Hunger Games on kindle loan from the boss lady. I like it so far. It’s different from what I usually read, which is a good thing. I might read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo next if I have time. The movie is out, and for some reason I feel compelled to read the book before I watch it. Though, I probably won’t catch it until it’s out on DVD.

If I hit the movies any time soon, it will be to see the new Sherlock Holmes.

Now as my early Christmas gift to you all, I am giving you a sunny day…desktop wallpaper, that is.

I took this picture at the Indianapolis Museum of Art garden. Click on the little picture to reach the big picture. By the way, this is the wallpaper that I am currently using on my laptop. We can match! Matchies!!!


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