in which limitations were learned

I think it’s Rihanna who has a tattoo that says, “Never a
failure, always a lesson”. I’ve had some lessons in the last few days.
Let’s review, shall we?

First, my release date (Tuesday) snuck up and sucker-punched me in
the back of the head. I had a task list for the day before the book came out.
My intention was to minimize the task list for the actual release day.

Monday was Presidents Day. That day, we all (husband plus
children) had the day off, so we went to the Children’s Museum in Indy. It was
a lot of fun. I did not realize the significance of the date aside from the fun
I was having on the holiday. After having a much needed day off with my fam, as
I lay down to go to bed, it hits me – tomorrow is release day. Stream of curse
words in my head.

I woke up an hour early to get the ebooks on Smashwords and Amazon
running. Laptop screens are glaringly bright that early in the morning, btw.
Then I headed off to the day job, did my time there, went back home and started
updating the website, the book trailer, posting the release announcement on the
blog, setting up the limited edition on lulu, which I decided to do last
minute. Basically, I ran my ass off to get where I needed to be.

What did I not do? Send out the stuff for my first blog tour stop,
which was supposed to be today. I spaced it. so very my fault. I did end up
sending it last night with no reply from the blogger. I’m guessing she was
irritated with the late entry. I can’t say that I wouldn’t be annoyed if
someone did that to me. It just sucks because that was not one, but two blog
tour stops on a site with great traffic.

So what have I learned?
1. Hover over the calendar the week before release day and set up annoying
beeping reminders on my phone, so that I don’t have to leap out of bed before

2. Do not schedule any activities other than updating links and
making announcements for release day. It just doesn’t work, not for me, at

3. Do not piss off the bloggers.


6 comments on “in which limitations were learned

  1. Melissa says:

    Whoops! That's okay though everyone messes up sometimes. I'm sorry that the blogger wasn't more understanding.

  2. Stopping by to wish you both a blessed weekend, Lea.

  3. Lea Ryan says:

    @ Melissa, she wrote back! Everything is cool. She had some email issues. I'm glad because I was very unhappy with myself for forgetting. @ Nelson You too! Thank you so much.

  4. Aderyn Wood says:

    I'd recommend making your release date a non-work day too. That way you can deal with these things with less pressure 🙂 Isn't retrospect wonderful?

  5. Melissa says:

    @Lea: That's good, that makes the day a little better then 🙂

  6. Lea Ryan says:

    Aderyn, AGREE! I should have taken the day off. and retrospect is wonderful. lol

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