looking for people

I’ve been at this whole book thing for a few minutes. I feel like I’m doing ok, but I could use a couple more people on my team. Specifically: an agent and a publicist.

Regarding the agent, I’m fine with publishing independently, but getting in the game for real would be cool. I occasionally get nagged about my lack of agent by a couple of people, mostly my husband. This whole query letter thing just seems…almost futile. I know how many query emails agents get. I read some of their blogs. I truly respect what they do, but I know the chances of getting picked up are slim to none.

But part of me wants to try because I think most of the people who are able to make a full-time living writing have agents.

On to the next: the publicist. This is in the realm of something I could actually get because all I have to do is hire one. I don’t just want some random person. I intend to do research.

I want someone who specializes in book pub. They need to be able to get me into places I can’t, ie very high traffic media blogs/websites and maybe some traditional media too. I want them to write super powered press releases that end up everywhere. I also need them to be somewhat cost effective. Mama doesn’t exactly have money to burn. Know what I’m saying?

If anyone has recommendations or suggestions, as always, I welcome them. Please hit me up at lea-ryan at Hotmail or on Twitter – @LeaRyan1

Also, I have an interview over at Darcia Helle’s Quiet Fury Books blog today!


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