not a movie post

I don’t really have a movie post today. The husband ordered the wrong movie on Netflix. He intended to add Faster to the queue and instead added a movie called ‘Drive’, which was probably one of the most boring movies I have ever seen in my entire life. We actually only watched it for about 40 minutes. Then we determined there was no actual plot and turned off the DVD player. We will never get those 40 minutes back.

This past weekend was insanely busy. We had little league baseball games Friday night and Saturday, plus other assorted weekend tasks like shopping and cleaning and then there was Mother’s Day fun. I got to see my Mimaw! Yay! I did not do any writing. I did try to draw something, but I think I was just too tired to focus.

I have two things which are making me sad.

1.       Arbys discontinued jalapeno bites. I am crying! I love jalapeno bites! And bronco berry sauce.

2.       Also, Alcatraz was canceled. I liked that show very much.

And now I will stop complaining.

How about some positivity? I’m almost 70,000 words into the Pestilence rough draft. I will finish the draft by the end of the month! The length will probably land between 75 and 80,000 words. I am going to go eat something which has not been discontinued – pretzels! and work on the book some more.

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