some rambling about editing and another illustration

I started editing the second AnnaBeth book on the iPad today. I wasn’t sure how it would go. Writing on the iPad is okay, except for the whole spellcheck weirdness the app does.

 Editing on it is like a dream come true. My previous editing process involved printing out the manuscript on paper and carrying it around with me in a binder. I would make changes on paper and then manually transfer the changes into the word document. This was by far my least favorite writing task. It’s nightmarishly tedious and there’s a high probability for error.
 With the iPad, all I have to do is make changes on the screen and then transfer it back to the laptop. Amazing. This will save me so many hours of performing a task I all but despise.
 It leaves me more time for drawing, which is good because I’ve been having this drawing fit lately.
 For about a year, I haven’t done many illustrations, probably because I was obsessing over writing. Now that I started drawing again, it’s like someone opened a floodgate.
 Here’s another illustration. This one didn’t start out as a pencil sketch, which is unusual for me. It went straight from my head into Adobe Fireworks.
This inspiration for this may have come from an Egyptian street art book I have. The colors and the geometry remind me of the artwork in that.
 Also, I’m considering setting up shop on etsy to sell some prints. If I’m going to crank out illustrations, I might as well do something with them.

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