movie: In Time

In Time is set in a dismal future in which the currency is time on or off one’s life. A cup of coffee costs like four hours or days or whatever the heck it was. Everyone has these watches with light-up numbers embedded in their arms. When they go to work, some time is added to their lives. They can exchange time, too, by doing this weird handshake thing.

Will (Justin Timberlake) stumbles upon a guy who has over a century on his arm. He says that he’s lived over a century and ends up transferring most of his remaining balance to Will who embarks on a quest to take down the system.

In Time does have some action, gunplay and such. However, I think the story leaned awfully hard on the time as currency premise. As in, that was 90% of the story. After about ten minutes of watching the time-based commerce, I was like Ok! I get it. Please stop hammering the concept into the ground!
The acting was meh. The story was meh. Some of the futuristic stuff was cool.
In Time gets a C-

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2 comments on “movie: In Time

  1. I thought the premise was amazing! Then the movie started . . . I agree. I just couldn't get over the pretty girl running across rooftops in 6 inch heels. 😛

  2. Lea Ryan says:

    Yes! She totally did that. I can't even walk in heels. I wonder if that's a job requirement for actresses – must be able to run across uneven surfaces in 4 inch stilettos.

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