a movie and a bookie book

Hello! I would say happy Tuesday but then, is any Tuesday really a happy one?
Last night I dreamed that I was visiting an art museum while wearing grungy pajamas. I guess I should be happy that I wasn’t naked. The other people in the museum did not appreciate my attire.

I didn’t write up a movie post yesterday, so here’s a bit about what we watched. Get Low was the movie starring Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray and some other people. It’s about an old man who plans a funeral party while he’s still alive. There’s a mystery surrounding him and that story comes to light a little at a time, as many mysteries do. It’s a somewhat quiet but interesting movie. I liked it.
Guess what else . I have a pretty bookie! The CreateSpace version is now available on Amazon. Here is a pic. HERE is the link to Amazon. Any Facebook likes on the product page are quite appreciated. It has zero at the moment. 
The book looks nice on the shelf next to Destined. I’ll be happy when the last book comes out and they can all hang out together. I will say that that fancy font is difficult to read in smaller sizes. If I could redo the cover designs, I would choose a font that’s easier to read small.

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