birthday fun times!

Today is my birthday! Yay, me. It was a good day, but tomorrow will be better because it’s the start of my 5-day weekend!! Oh yes, freedom, temporary and sweet.
In celebration of my special day, I thought I would pull some info about this fine 297th day of the year, 297th in a leap year.
Famous names who share my birthday:
Ryan Reynolds – YUM!
Weird Al – not yum but still cool.
Nancy Grace
Robert Trujillo –bassist for Metallica
Johnny Carson
Stuff that happened on my birthdate, but not the same year I was born.
1641 – Outbreak of the Irish rebellion – appropriate because I am both slightly Irish and occasionally rebellious.
1958 – premier of the Smurfs
2001 – Apple announces the ipod – funny because I don’t really like ipods all that much
Other stuff happened too, but I don’t need to go on all day, do I? I got these juicy tidbits from Wikipedia so if you want to see what happened on your birthday, just go there and type in your birthdate, minus the year. 

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