putting together the book binder and other shenanigans – not in that order

I’m in the process of moving my main internet home over to WordPress, so the next thing you see here will likely be a link sending you over yonder. I’ll probably have it set up round about Monday. It’s going to be a sort of website/blog combo, which really is better than having all of my stuff scattered about.  
I’m doing so at the suggestion of a marketing guy named Nick Armstrong. There was email conversation. If you’re interested in marketing, be sure to check out his delightfully profanity-laden email newsletter. He’s real, yo.
I’ll probably leave the stuff on Google sites in place in case I want to go back at some point.
Anyway, book binder!
I have ideas for books and stories faster than I can write them, so I set up a binder to hold my notes, which are in various stages.
Why make notes if I’m not ready to write the story? Well, because I often forget things. And also, when I have characters and stories other than whatever I’m working on in my head, they distract me. They interfere with my mental zen. I write enough about them to get them to leave me alone, and then I can go back to working in a more orderly fashion.
What’s in the book binder? Currently, I have notes for about 8 books and 10 short stories and also a list of random and interesting subjects that could eventually turn into stories. Before I finally got organized, these were scattered everywhere from computer to tablet to pieces of actual paper – not a good situation when you’re trying to find something, right? Right.
The binder previously contained notes for the last 2 books I wrote and 1 I haven’t written yet. I took the old stuff out first and replaced the old notes with newly organized printouts of the pending projects. They have tabs to make them easier to find. Any excuse to use office supplies is a-ok with me. I’m kind of a nerd that way…and maybe some other ways too.
The notes have a tendency to expand gradually when the stories and characters start to encroach again. I can just pop the additions in later. Then, if all goes as planned, when I’m ready to start a new project, I just snatch one out of the binder. Woo!
Organization is like gold when one has a lot of material to cover.

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