movie: The Three Stooges

Welcome to the first day at my new internet home! I’m excited. Everything looks pretty. We have a change of scenery. All my links are up to date and in line. I love it!

I just moved everything over from Blogger, so all of my old posts are here. Importing is a very handy feature. Links to book stuff are to the right and on top because I thought that navigation bar wasn’t very prominent. I’m still monkeying around with the side bar thingy, so that might change.

On to the usual Monday movie post. I hate to start out in the new spot with a semi-bad opinion of a movie, but here we are, and this is what I have.

The Three Stooges

Description from IMDB: “While trying to save their childhood orphanage, Moe, Larry, and Curly inadvertently stumble into a murder plot and wind up starring in a reality TV show.”

I wanted to like this movie because the Three Stooges were a part of my childhood. I remember watching the reruns as a kid. My brother and I liked them pretty well. I mean, they weren’t my favorite, but I did find them quite amusing.
The movie was divided into episodes that were loosely connected by an overall plot. Does that make sense? I hope so. The result of this method was a very scattered story.

However, there were funny parts. The actors playing the stooges did a great job. Jane Lynch played a nun. How awesome is that?

All in all, the husband and I did not love the movie. The brand of humor was pretty much the same as I remembered from the old days. The story was just a mess, I think. The plot that carried over through the episodes came off a little half-assed. I’m going to blame the writing. The Three Stooges gets a D.

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