cover reveal: Llewyn’s Faith

Today we’ve got a cover. This is for a short story that goes with the book I have coming out next year. They story will be free and only in ebook form. Well, you could get it in print if you want to print it out, I guess.

I’m offering up this quick description of the story so there’s some frame of reference. It’s not the official synopsis.

Llewyn is 18 when she runs away from home. She hops a train and encounters a hobo with less than noble intentions. She ends up alone, in the woods, and her journey becomes much more than a trek back to civilization.

She’s the protagonist in the short story and the antagonist in the book.

As for the cover itself, the symbols have no real translation or individual meaning. They’re loosely inspired by some Asian writing.

LLewyns Faith cover mini

The story and the book will probably be out some time in February.


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