Gratuitous Moo


Things Believed by Max the Cat (right)

The dog has wronged him in some vile, unforgivable way, and she absolutely must be smacked directly in the face at every opportunity.

Midnight, every night is the perfect time to sing the song of his people as loud as he can.

Every time is snuggle time, unless you happen to be the dog. And if a person resists snuggle time, persistence is the key.

No matter what is in the can being opened in the kitchen, the contents belong to him. He would also like to receive them five minutes ago.

Paper is for sleeping on.


2 comments on “Gratuitous Moo

  1. I am impressed that both cats sat together long enough to take the picture. I believe that you forgot to mention that Max also thinks that your house is his kingdom and he just lets you people live there.

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