Round 2

I made it into round 2 of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. Woo! I’m really excited. Competition is still in abundance, but having that validation is nice. I can think my work is interesting all I want. That doesn’t automatically mean someone else is going to dig the concept.

The next round list doesn’t go up until mid-March. I get to hold onto the dream at least that much longer. And I am still using obsessive positive thinking, and I’m working on other projects.

I have no idea what the release schedule is going to be like this year. The sequel to What the Dead Fear should be ready within the next six months. Llewyn’s Faith is ready to go, but that will be released in conjunction with the book that is currently in the contest. It’s a companion story.

I have a significant number of pieces on the board, I just can’t commit to moving one forward yet.

chess piece


2 comments on “Round 2

  1. Congrats, Lea! Good work.

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