pics from the canal

My favorite place to hang in Indianapolis is the canal in the White River State Park. There are all kinds of interesting sites to see down there, art and waterfalls and bridges and such, even gondolas when the weather is warmer. We went there this weekend. I present to you pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

The canal passes beneath some streets and the walls under the bridges are painted. Here are a couple.

The girl looks very Banksy to me.

bubble girl

dragon bridge


Here’s a huge goldfish. We saw many that were the size of bass.

This was a group of musical people who happened to end up in my picture of that pretty waterfall fountain thingy to the right. We had the misfortune of being near them for about half of our walk. They moved slightly slower than us, making their music, which meant when we finally passed them, we couldn’t stop without them catching up to us…with their music. argh.
music people


This last one isn’t from the canal but from either the 24th or the 30th floor of the JW Marriott hotel. FYI, they have a LOVELY executive lounge with fantastic cookies and just about any kind of granola bar you can think of.

Indy skyline from the marriott


That’s it for now. Catch ya later.




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