Life and Times

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Life is crazy right now. We got an offer on our house, which we’ve been trying to sell, so that’s good. I’m not sure I have much patience for the whole showing the house thing. It’s a weird feeling when you know strangers are walking around your house while you aren’t there. We get to jump through inspection hoops next, and then the whole mortgage deal. So much fun.

It seems like real estate agents work a whole lot, too, and not always during regular business hours. I’ve gained a lot of respect for the amount of effort they have to go through during their day-to-day existence. Ours is pretty much on call like a doctor. I could email him at midnight and he would probably answer me pretty quickly.

I’m also working on a middle grade novel. This probably isn’t the best time to write a book, given the house activities and the fact that I should be working on release tasks for Pestilence Rising, but the children’s book rough draft is making me very happy. I read like crazy when I was a kid. This story is something I would’ve read and loved. Childhood me is jumping up and down with joy. The current scene involves cannibalistic fairies.

The other current book project is the Kickstarter fundraiser plan. I’ve got most of it put together, but I’m delaying it until around the middle of May. There’s just this one part that I’m still really working on. I want to condense the synopsis to a short-attention-span-friendly version.

I think that’s it for the moment.



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