movie nerds need movie basements

We’re moving in the next couple of weeks. Have I mentioned that? I think I have. The next house has a basement and in that basement shall be movie theater-themed decor. It’s going to be the place in which I go insane with movie geekiness. Here’s a taste of what’s going in it.

First, the toy collection. It’s a good thing we’re getting a bigger place because my movie toys were taking over various corners of our current tiny house. I might post actual pictures when I get them set up but the pieces include: queen alien statue, jack skellington statue, various hot wheels cars: batmobiles, Fast the Furious cars, some Tron models: light cycles and recognizer, wicked witch of the west doll, an entire set of the simpsons toys from Burger King. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. We have shelves down there. The collection should fit nicely.

We have purchased the following posters.

return of the jedi bladerunner fight club

Those aren’t all the posters we plan to put down there. I want a Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction and others to be determined. Oh, and I have a Doc Ock poster (Spiderman) that my son was kind enough to donate.

We already have the popcorn machine.


We’re looking at, but have not yet purchased, these Let’s Go to the Lobby tin signs. Retro. Awesomeness.


And this, which I want to put on the staircase. You can change the words.

now showing

I would get a case and put some candy in there if I didn’t think the children would eat it in like 5 seconds. and by children, I also mean me.

I’ll post pics if we ever get it together. It should be quite fun.


4 comments on “movie nerds need movie basements

  1. It sounds like it will look simply beautiful. Although, Twilight and the Godfather should never be on the same sign. 😛 Ever try to find a ‘Revenge of the Jedi’ movie poster?

  2. RLDraws says:

    “Twilight and the Godfather should never be on the same sign.” Agree!!! And Revenge of the Jedi? That is hilarious. They have them on Amazon. I should totally get that and see who notices. That might be a plan.

  3. Dee Crabtree says:

    Love these ideas. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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