negative animals

I was playing around with the negative effect on my phone camera and decided to harrass our pets for a while. I think these actually look pretty cool. I apologize for the blurry/haziness in some spots. I think the camera on my phone is not feeling well.

Here’s a normal picture of Max first so we can get a frame of reference.

normal moo

His blacks are white and his whites are black. It’s like the anti-Max. I like how blue his eyes look.


This next one is my favorite of the set.


Next up, we have Zoe the dog. Yes, she has cataracts. She’s an old girl. It’s to be expected.

Zoe the dog

Sneaker did not participate willingly. My daughter wanted me to note that she is not strangling the cat.




2 comments on “negative animals

  1. Haha. For some reason, this series of photos reminded me of the old “Tales from the Darkside” opening:

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