an October kind of story

iyrico cover2

Hey there! How’s the week so far? Good, yes?

I just thought I’d pop onto the blog for a quick announcement. I have a story. The title is Iyrico. The current plan is to post it to the blog in parts, probably beginning in mid-October and ending on Halloween or maybe the day before Halloween because people are kinda busy on Halloween itself.

If you aren’t into the serial fiction thing, it should also go up for free in its entirety on the wattpad app, scribd, obooko (if I can remember how to work it) and probably smashwords.

But what is it about? Here’s a rough draft description.

Levi doesn’t like going to Cliff House. Never mind how strange it is, the place is dangerous. Its location atop a bluff. Poisonous foliage. A pack of stray dogs prowling the property. Not to mention his ten-year-old cousin, Nessa, who may or may not have tried to kill him during a previous visit. Little does he know, even she isn’t the biggest threat Cliff House has to offer. Darker secrets lurk.


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